40 Successful Years and Growing

King's Bakery began its journey of growth and excellence with a beginning of a single outlet in 1973. Back then King's Bakery produced cakes which rapidly became synonymous with birthday parties and celebrations of joyful occasions like weddings, career promotions, graduations and festivities in the Malaysian household. King's Bakery was incorporated in 1993. Our products were certified HALAL by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia in 1996 to realize the Company's vision of serving quality bakery products to our multicultural society.

Our product range has since expanded to delectable buns, breads, loafs, pastries, swissrolls, muffins, cookies, desserts with each bearing the trademark of quality goodness.

Today, King's Bakery operates in more than 80 retail stores spanning across the Peninsula of Malaysia, from Alor Setar to Johor Baharu, and serving more than 10 million customers a year. The Malaysian Book of Records certified King's Bakery as the largest confectionery chain in Malaysia.

In keeping the business moving forward, we constantly challenge ourselves to develop new products to cater to the ever increasing sophisticated consumer lifestyle. Back in the 90's, King's Bakery popularized the Portuguese Egg tarts that eventually became the "talk-of-the-town" and created beeline queues in all our outlets to get hold of the freshly baked hot Portuking EggTart (as we called it) King's Bakery already embarked on the Healthy & Nutritional Lifestyle bandwagon producing products in low sugar, added calcium & vitamins and high fiber to give our customers the best value in product quality.

We take pride of the strong and dedicated support from our team that eventually formatted the backbone of our business with a systematic management and operations processes that synchronized all our outlets in delivering consistencies in quality, value and wide range of products.

As part of the Company's expansion program, we began franchising the business to entrepreneurs wishing to embark onto the bakery industry. We are ready to impart our skills, knowledge and expertise to those whom are willing to put in the hard work to make the bakery business a success.