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"I never thought that King's Confectionery can do such an amazing job. This online cake-buying platform is certainly a good news for me! I've bought several cakes on different occasions and they did not disappoint me once. I'll definitely recommend it to my friends." 
- Crystal -
"Absolutely great! It's so easy to buy a cake now with this online buying system! I love to browse through the products on the website, which not only shows colourful photos of real cakes but also detailed descriptions of each cake! No more frustration due to jams and parking lots when buying cakes now =) Good Job! " 
- Siow Pei -

"Cake was delicious, stunning. Thanks so much."
- Sharon -

"Not many bakeries manage to achieve what you did. This idea of e-commerce definitely makes buying cakes and celebrating events much easier. Anyone with internet connection can do it! Delicious cakes + convenience = success! Keep up the good work! " 
- Justin -


- 豫纤 -

" You did it!! I've been expecting this kind of service ages ago but still it is not popular among the people. But you as one of the major confectionery finally adopted this idea! Thank you so much for the effort. I'll be King's Confectionery fans from now on. Congratulations!" 
 - JC -


Tidak payah lagi untuk menghadapi kesesakan lalu lintas den meletak kereta. Dengan beberapa klik sahaja di computer, saya sudah boleh membeli kek untuk keluarga saya pada harga diskaun. Tahniah, King’s Confectionery.
- Ibrahim -


Syabas! King’s telah mencapai tahap profesionalisma yang sangat tinggi. Saya dapati program e-dagang sangat mudah untuk membuat pembelian kek. Terima kasih, King’s Confectionery.
- Ida -


-小馨 -


Thank you so very much for delivering such an amazing cake on our wedding day.  It was truly spectacular in taste... and everyone said so! You exceeded our expectations.
- Steven & Jennifer -

King’s adalah kedai kek yang termasyur di Malaysia. Sekarang King’s telah memudahkan lagi untuk pembelian kek dengan e-dagang. Saya pasti akan memberitahu kawan-kawan saya
- Hayati -


INSANELY delicious! You can taste the care that goes into the treats with every single bite
- Ruth Yap -

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